A negotiator's power comes from knowledge.

Dirk Roberts & the four negotiari: negotiation training board game


Donal Roberts & The Four Negotiari, is aN interactive, story and role-play based board-game set in fantasy world designed to train participants in NEGOTIATION.

Donal Roberts & The Four Negotiari is specially designed using our facilitation approach framework to enhance your negotiation training, leading to effective training sessions with your teams.

The players, a delegate group from the world's largest negotiatory monastery, learn of the chosen one, a child prodigy prophesied in their ancient scrolls, the Negotiamus of their age.


His name is Donal Roberts.

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Taking Negotiation Training to the next level

Learn how to broker better deals with Donal Roberts and the Four Negotiari. Understand and unpack the secrets to conducting a negotiation on your terms, and learn how to always walk away from the table with a win.

How is this possible?

Learn  from amazing characters...

Learn from amazing characters...

Unlock  the secrets to good negotiation...

Unlock the secrets to good negotiation...

Master  the art of the deal.

Master the art of the deal.

A journey of discovery and learning awaits!


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