Meisters and Monsters A Recruiters Quest - Delux edition

Shipment of our new wooden box design for the popular Meisters and Monsters: A Recruiters Quest has begun. These solid wood, hand-crafted boxes form part of the ethos of Smart Faster Games in many ways. 

"It's about quality." So says Jason De Luca, head of the company. He continues - "we wanted something that looked great, that felt solid, and that would keep all the amazing components safe. We've put a lot of effort into the hundreds of cards, manuals, and tokens and it makes sense to have something of equal beauty to hold the game in."

The box design and manufacture, like all the games components are made in Japan by skilled artisans and punctuates the company's (Smarter Faster Games) dedication to durable products. 

"There is nothing worse than ordering a training tool that gets grubby, or breaks after one or two training sessions. We didn't want people to buy the game, run the training, want to run the training again, only to realize the corner of the box is torn, or the cardboard edge is peeling off. This is a game that is meant to train and up-skill people for years, so we made sure it would last as long as needed."

The team behind Meisters and Monsters: A Recruiters Quest were very focused on finding quality components and production companies capable of delivering above standard products. Guy Sclanders, the company's Director of Media and Gaming recalls: "I think we spent more time looking for the perfect box, the perfect map option than on almost anything else and this is a game that has taken several years to develop. Jason's passion for the project kept us looking for better solutions."

When asked if the wooden box would drive the cost of the game a smile spreads across Jason's face. "It works out a few cents cheaper - can you believe it? This wonderful wooden box, and it's actually cheaper than cardboard. Crazy right?"

If you haven't yet explored Meisters and Monsters: A Recruiters Quest, check out the youtube video on this website for more details. If you need to train your recruiting staff there is no better tool available, and now it comes in a wood box!